’21 was a year like no other for hospitality.

Like others, we did our best to navigate our way through it.

Managing surges in bookings – then cancellations – was tough; and the extra demands – in terms of both time and costs – that came from making the property Covid safe was something that we took seriously from the moment we began welcoming guests back after the first lockdown.

But trying to juggle those demands with running my Lakes-based publishing business was one step too many, so – reluctantly – we have decided not to open our doors for the foreseeable future. We may re-open in ’22. Or we may never re-open.

We have hugely enjoyed welcoming guests to Tarn House for seven years. and we have been grateful for the over 150 positive reviews from guests who loved what we offered.

Maybe we’ll be back at some point in the future.

For now, we leave you with a few photos of what has, so far, been a wonderful winter in the Lakes.


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