One of the nicest things about reading through the visitor book is seeing how many people comment on children enjoying themselves at Tarn House. We even get a few younger visitors adding their own thoughts to the book!

With toys, books, DVDs, plenty of hiding places, a big (fenced) garden and the snug – their own cosy hidey-hole – it’s great to know that Lake District first timers can enjoy themselves as much as their parents and grandparents.

Here’s a selection of comments from the book:

“This is the most child-friendly cottage we’ve ever stayed in.” The Wakelings, Co. Durham

“I loved the cosy living room. The garden was beautiful and it has a raspberry bush, YUM!” Beth, age 7

“We had a ball. Kids loved the tarn – tadpoles, lambs, mini rock-climbing – it couldn’t get better.” Cross family, Stroud

“The children loved playing hide and seek here and the house was filled with laughter.” The Thompstone Family

“What a beautiful house – and very child friendly.” The Crawfords, Sunderland

Catered for all ages. The young ones had books, toys etc and the grown ups the roaring fire…” Katrina, Dave and family, Widnes

“We loved how child-friendly the house was with cot, high chairs, childs’ plates and cutlery etc. The children loved the space in the house (with plenty of places to play hide and seek)!” Bridgman, Hall & Ball Families

“It is a lovely house. We have had good fun.” From all the kids (aged 22 moths-13 years), Key family, Sunderland

And finally here’s a picture of Max and Eve – my niece and Rebecca’s little boy – in the Tarn House garden:



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